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CEFC China Headquarters

The headquarters of CEFC China is located at 111, Xingguo Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, the prime location of Shanghai’s Central Business District. Situated close to Hunan Road, Wukang Road and Huaihai Road, it is surrounded by heritage sites in a rich historic context.


The headquarters is designed as a western-styled palace integrating classic elegance and modern elements, featuring a huge dome and majestic marble pillars. It consists of 20 villas, externally linked together by corridors and internally connected with one another, with a unique Chinese pavilion deep inside the courtyard. The whole design portraits CEFC China’s unique style of solemn beauty and serenity, and which is in line with the Company’s founding value of inclusiveness and integrity.



CEFC China Headquarters (111 Xingguo Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai)

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