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Arising with Strength and Achieving with Goodness    
Ye Jianming proposed the business philosophy of “Arising with Strength and Achieving with Goodness”. With this core value, CEFC China has been developing its essential institutional and cultural system. We believe that greater goodness serves the nation and people, and that specifc goodness benefts the company and individuals.

Based on his continuous exploration of a development model that befits CEFC China as a private collective enterprise and his efforts in incorporating traditional Chinese culture and modern western philosophy into its institutional setup, Mr. Ye Jianming, Chairman of CEFC China, has designed for the Company a unique operating model featuring independent innovation and a combination of culture and governance that has built it into a well-organized economic community.

Arising with Strength and Achieving with Goodness   

CEFC China upholds its core values of “arising with strength and achieving with goodness”, which is derived from the essence of the traditional Chinese culture of goodness: “Everything in the universe arises with strength and is achieved with goodness in a never-ending cycle.” As a collective organization, an enterprise should bring together forces and amalgamate them into a fighting power, to accomplish a course of goodness. As a Chinese saying goes, “If poor, one attends to his own virtue in solitude; if successful, he benefits the whole world.” Being successful imbues CEFC China with the conviction reflected in “cultivating their own virtue, regulating their families, governing their own states  and bringing peace to all.”

Corporate Values

In harmony with heaven – follow the trend of the times
In harmony with earth - inclusiveness, erudition and tolerance
In harmony with people - equality, integrity and kindness
In harmony with inner-selves - commitment, responsibility and dedication

Corporate Ethos
Loyalty, Unity, Rigorousness, Dedication,  
Collectiveness, Discipline, Order and Solemnity
Company Logo
As an embodiment of the cosmology of Taoism and Confucianism, the circle, without any starting or finishing point, represents consistency, continuity, harmony and equality. The globe at the center with longitude and latitude lines indicates CEFC China’s global development strategies. The Three Stars embody the endless cycle of life: Tao begets one; one begets two; two begets three; three begets all things in the universe. In Chinese constellations, the Three Stars arise in the eastern sky in both spring and autumn. According to the Chinese classic book of poetry, the Book of Songs, the rise of the Three Stars in the sky signifies auspicious timing. The Three Stars shining in the sky symbolize the long-lasting ascent of CEFC China’s economic community which, though not eye-dazzling, will forever shine with brilliance and splendor.
Brand Culture
Credibility is the core of a Chinese soul.
Helping others achieve before accomplishing oneself

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