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Corporate Profile

CEFC China Energy Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “CEFC China”) is a private collective enterprise with energy and financial services as its core business.  The strategy of the Company seeks to expand international economic cooperation in the energy sector and establish a well-organized international investment bank and an investment group.

CEFC China Milestones

CEFC China founded by Ye Jianming, 2002;

China Academy of Culture (Hong Kong) established, 2004;

The Board of Directors of CEFC China established, 2006;

China Energy Fund Committee (Hong Kong), an NGO in special consultative status with the UN Economic & Social Council, established, 2008;

Shanghai Energy Security Research Center established, 2010;

CEFC Shanghai Charity Fund established, 2011;

CEFC China listed in Fortune Global 500, 2013 (No. 349).

Established by Mr. Ye Jianming in 2002, CEFC China formed its Board of Directors in 2006. At the First Meeting of the Fifth Board of Directors in 2014, Ye Jianming was re-elected unanimously as its Chairman. For more than a decade, CEFC China has been actively implementing the “going global” strategy and constructing the talent-oriented industrial and financial system driven by trade and economy. In recent years, CEFC China has been accelerating its strategic transformation, focusing on building an international investment bank and an investment group specialized in energy industry and financial services, which has helped boost the Company’s sustained rapid development. The Company has under it two group companies at management level, 7 level-one subsidiaries as investment platforms and an A-share listed company, with a workforce of nearly 30,000.

Underpinned by its European oil and gas terminals, CEFC China secures its position by obtaining upstream oil and gas equities and interests, building professional teams of finance and independent traders and providing financial support with a full range of licenses. The profits in the financial and logistics sectors are driven by its energy operations and financial services. In addition, CEFC China has set up its second headquarters in the Czech Republic to conduct international banking businesses and investment, and acquired controlling shares in banks and shares in important financial groups with its investment focusing on airline, aircraft manufacturing, special steel and food, in order to facilitate international cooperation in production capacity.

CEFC China has been actively exploring the development path for private enterprises. It has injected its core values into its corporate culture based on the business philosophy, “Arising with Strength and Achieving with Goodness”. Its innovative corporate governance model adopts a combining mechanism of strategic and financial control by the headquarters and partnership systems of its subsidiaries so as to concentrate on promoting its core business, employees’ professionalism, asset securitization and refined management. In 2015, the Company’s revenue exceeded RMB 263.1 billion, being recognized again a place in the Fortune Global 500 and the World’s 500 Most Influential Brands, and awarded the titles of the Most Influential Chinese Enterprises and Top 10 Most Internationally Competitive Leading Chinese Enterprises.

China Energy Fund Committee (Hong Kong), a non-governmental organization in special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council, is fully sponsored by CEFC China to promote energy public diplomacy and international energy research. It has collaborated with the UN in launching an energy prize every year for best practices and achievement in the field internationally. The Company is also committed to promoting philanthropy through CEFC Shanghai Charity Fund, ensuring sustainable development for the Company and the society at large.

Financial Summary

The revenue in 2015 exceeded RMB 263.1 billion.


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