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The Management

Executive Directors of the Board: Ye Jianming, Chan Chauto, Zang Jianjun, Li Yong

Chairman of the Board: Ye Jianming

President: Chan Chauto

Vice Presidents: Chen Qiang, Jiang Mingsheng, Wu Hongbing

Chief Economist: Pan Zhigang

Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Lin Yuxia

Secretary of the Party Committee: Jiang Chunyu

Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee: Xiong Fengsheng

General Manager of Finance Department: Liu Dongping

General Manager of Human Resources Department: Yu Zhiliang

General Manager of Audit Department: Wei Wei

Mr. Ye Jianming

Chinese Name: Ye Jianming

Nationality: Chinese (Hong Kong)

Ethnicity: Han

Date of Birth: 1977

Occupation: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Master’s Degree Candidate

Representative Work: Building an Organized Economic Community


Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEFC China Energy Company Limited

Executive Director of CEFC China Energy Company Limited

Chairman of the Council, China Energy Fund Committee (Hong Kong)

Chairman of the Council, China Academy of Culture

Director of Shanghai Energy Security Research Center

Chairman of CEFC Shanghai Charity Fund

Mr. Chan Chauto

Date of Birth: 1975

Place of Birth: Zhangping City, Fujian Province, China

Education: Jimei University

Professional Experience:

2011/4 - present      CEFC China Energy Company Limited

                                    - Executive Director

                                    - President

                                     China Energy Fund Committee (Hong Kong)

                                    - President, Executive Committee

Mr. Chan Chauto also serves as Member of 12th CPPCC Shanghai Municipal Committee, Vice Chairman of the 14th Executive Committee, Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce, President of the 10th Council, Fujian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, Vice Chairman of the Council, China Center for Contemporary World Studies, Honorary President of Czech China Chamber of Collaboration, Vice President of Shanghai Enterprise Confederation/Shanghai Enterprise Directors Association, Honorary Secretary General, Institute for Advanced Study of the Humanities and Religion of Beijing Normal University, Vice President of the Council, Silk Road Think Tank Association, Member of the 11th Standing Committee, Shanghai Youth Federation, and Vice President of Shanghai Youth Volunteer Association.


Excellent Entrepreneurs in China (2013-2014)

Model Workers in Shanghai (2010-2014)

Leading Talent in Shanghai (2014)

ABLF Business Excellence Award (2015)

Mr. Zang Jianjun

Date of Birth: 1974

Place of Birth: Baoding City, Hebei Province, China

Education: Associate Degree, Hebei Normal University

Professional Experience:

1995/7 - 2000/12      Minmetals Baoding Foreign Trade Machinery Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

                                      - Manager of European Business Department

2000/12 - 2007/1      Beijing Sanxing Jiateng Petrochemical Group Co. Ltd.

                                      - Deputy General Manager

                                     Hebei Dagang Petrochemical Refinery

                                      - Deputy General Manager

                                     Beijing North China Oriental Oil Storage Co., Ltd

                                      - General Manager

2007/1 - present         CEFC China Energy Company Limited

                                      - Executive Director of the Board of Directors

                                      - Executive Director of Strategic Decision Committee

                                       Xinghua Charity Fund

                                      - Director-General

                                      China Energy Fund Committee (Hong Kong)

                                      - Executive Director

                                      CEFC International Limited (Singapore)

                                      - Chairman

Mr. Zang Jianjun also served as Vice Chairman of China Chamber of International Commerce, Executive Vice President of China Foundation for International Studies, Vice Chairman of China Council of China-CEEC United Chamber of Commerce, member of APEC China Business Council, Vice Chairman of the Council of China’s Foreign Trade, Vice President of China Energy Society, Executive Vice President of Shanghai Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, and CPPCC member of Dongcheng District of Beijing.


Top Ten Entrepreneurs in Chinese Enterprises (2014)

The Excellence in Achievement of World Chinese Youth Entrepreneurs (2015)

Mr. Li Yong

Date of Birth:1977

Place of Birth: Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China

Education: Master’s Degree of Economics, City University London

                      Bachelor’s Degree of Art, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

Professional Experience:

2002/11 - 2004/7      Shanghai Fu Dan Yuantong Investment Management Co., Ltd.

                                     - Investment Manager

2004/8 - 2005/4        Shanghai Borun Investment Co., Ltd.

                                     - Senior Investment Manager

2005/5 - 2007/1        Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

                                     - Senior Financing Manager

2007/2 - 2007/5         Gama Star Medical Treatment Group

                                     - Assistant to General Manager

2007/6 - 2010/9          Shanghai Qijun Investment and Development Co., Ltd.

                                      - Financing Director

2010/10 - present       CEFC China Energy Company Limited

                                      - Executive Director

                                      - Assistant to Chairman of the Board

                                      - General Manager of Strategic Decision Committee

                                       CEFC Shanghai International Group Limited

                                       - General Manager

                                       China Energy Fund Committee (Hong Kong)

                                        - Executive Director

                                        CEFC Anhui International Holdings Co., Ltd.

                                        - Chairman


Shanghai Labor’s Honorary Medal (2016)

China Economic Person of the Year (2015)

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