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Organizational Structure

CEFC China’s corporate governance structure is built on a “3+1” model: “3” refers to the Board of Directors (decision-making layer), the Supervisory Board (supervisorylayer), and the General Managers’ Meeting (management layer);“1” refers tothe Party Committee.

The Board of Directors leads the Strategy Execution Committee, a three-layered execution entity responsible for planning, execution, and operation. At the planning level is the Operational PlanningDepartment. The execution level consists of the Investment Management Department, the Financial Cooperation Department, the International Investment Banking Department, the Business Planning Department, and the Financial Management and Control Department.The operation level is made up of subordinate companies and business units, including two group companies, three regional headquarters and seven level-one subsidiaries.Under the Supervisory Boardarethe Audit Department and the Supervision Office. The General Managers’ Meetingoverseesthe Finance Department, the General Office, theHuman Resources Department, and the Legal Affairs Department.The Party Committee includes the Party Committee Office,the Discipline Inspection Commission,the Labor Union, the International Center, the Publicity Center, and the Youth League Committee.

Organizational Structure


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Organizational Structure
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