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CEFC China Continues Ranking among Global 500

CEFC China  

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The latest Fortune Global 500 list was released by Fortune magazine at its website on the evening of July 22, 2015. CEFC China Energy Company Limited was ranked 342th with its revenue of USD 34.699 billion, climbing seven places after joining the list for the first time in 2014. It is also the only private enterprise in Shanghai that entered the list this year.


CEFC China Energy Company Limited is a private collective enterprise with energy and financial services as its core business. Founded by Ye Jianming in 2002, the company seeks to serve the national industrial interest by building a modernized “economic community” to compete as a multinational enterprise with the strategy to expand cooperation in the international energy economy and achieve influence in the energy industry. CEFC China Board of Directors, established in 2006, leads the company through a “three-tier meeting” system with an operational structure also consisting of three-tiers. The company has three group companies, eight tier-1 subsidiaries and an A-share listed company, and has acquired shares of several foreign public companies, totaling a workforce exceeding 20,000 people.


Through an innovative business model, CEFC China integrates “entrepreneurship, Confucianism and military-style regimentation” into its business operations and forms an organized and people-oriented “economic community”. Complying with the principle of “one company, two systems”, it deploys unique internal control and performance evaluation mechanism, rewarding and incentivizing its staff members based on the accomplishment of each member entity. Its headquarters is dedicated to strategic and financial control while its subsidiaries operate with partnership. Its rigid market-oriented operation drives increased focus on core businesses, employee’s professionalism, assets securitization and delicacy management.


Pursuing its business philosophy of “Arising with Strength and Achieving with Goodness”, CEFC China fully sponsors the Hong Kong-based China Energy Fund Committee, a non-governmental organization in Special Consultative Status with the UN ECOSOC, to conduct energy and public diplomacy and international energy research. It has joined hands with the United Nations to launch UN-CEFC Grand on Energy for Sustainable Development. The company is also committed to promoting philanthropy through CEFC Shanghai Charity Fund and to advancing Chinese culture with China Academy of Culture, ensuring sustainable development for the company and the community, with an aim to become an enterprise of the people, of the community, and of the nation.


Fortune Global 500, published annually by Fortune magazine, is the most prestigious ranking of the top 500 corporations worldwide as measured by revenue. This year, the threshold of entering the list was raised by USD 500 million, standing at USD 23.72 billion. The total revenue reached USD 31.2 trillion, up by 0.49% compared to last year.

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