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ERICEE Inaugurated in Shanghai and Chan Chauto Elected as Council Member

CEFC China  


Chan Chauto attending the 1st ERICEE Council Meeting


Chan Chauto delivering a speech at the Inauguration Ceremony of ERICEE



Jiang Jianqing, Chairman of the Sino-CEE Fund, and Li Mingjun, President of CEIBS, jointly inaugurating ERICEE


Following the development of the China-CEE “16+1” cooperation mechanism, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), as a vital region connecting the European, Asian and even African markets, is becoming an important transit point of the Belt and Road Initiative. On January 23, 2017, the Economic Research Institute of Central and Eastern Europe (ERICEE) set up by the Sino-CEE Fund and China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) was inaugurated in Shanghai. Representatives from political, diplomatic, academic and business circles home and aboard attended the inauguration ceremony. Chan Chauto, President of CEFC China, delivered a speech as an elected council member.

The ceremony was also attended and addressed by Huo Yuzhen, Special Representative for China-CEE Relations and former Chinese ambassador to the Czech Republic and Romania, and Yu Yuantang, Counselor of the Department of European Affairs of the Ministry of Commerce. Jiang Jianqing, Chairman of the Sino-CEE Fund, and Li Mingjun, President of CEIBS, jointly inaugurated ERICEE. It will study the economic, financial, industrial, investment, trade, cultural and social aspects of relevant countries, while providing intellectual support and research services for Chinese companies investing in CEE, and research support and policy advice for enhancing the “16+1” cooperation and implementing the Belt and Road Initiative.

As remarked by Chan Chauto, “CEFC China hopes to partner with ERICEE to promote and provide strong intellectual support for China-CEE economic cooperation by applying its experience in industrial investment, think tank and people-to-people diplomacy.” As a private company on the Global 500 list, CEFC China has established a second headquarters in the Czech Republic for international banking and investment and has been engaging in China-CEE economic and trade cooperation. So far, the company has become one of the influential Chinese companies in CEE. With Czech as a pivot, CEFC China has taken a majority stake in the Czech-based J&T Finance Group, initiated the Sino-CEE Fund, and acquired several European financial groups. The company aims to secure advanced equipment manufacturing technologies and absorb brand operation experience in Europe, while enhancing development cooperation between Chinese and foreign companies and the interaction between domestic and international markets. At the same time, China Energy Fund Committee (Hong Kong), a think tank wholly funded by CEFC China that has been devoted to international strategy research and sustainable development, has made remarkable achievements in promoting the “Belt and Road” and China-CEE “16+1” cooperation initiatives.

The newly established ERICEE has positioned itself as a specialized, inclusive and modern think tank that will regularly release research bulletins and the latest information. It will conduct specialized studies on different subjects and industries, fund publication of articles and books about the economic and social aspects of CEE, organize CEE-themed seminars, and promote academic exchanges between CEIBS, 16 CEE countries, relevant national think tanks and business colleges, while assisting relevant Chinese government agencies in making informed decisions about cooperation with CEE countries through research.

The ERICEE Council is headed by Jiang Jianqing, Chairman of Sino-CEE Finance Holding Co., Ltd. and the Sino-CEE Fund, with President of CEIBS Li Mingjun as Vice President. Its members include Yang Jiemian, Counselor of the Shanghai Municipal Government and Director of the Academic Committee of Shanghai Institute for International Studies, Chan Chauto, President of CEFC China, Lv Jianzhong, Chairman of the Board of DTXS Silk Road Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. and Founding President of the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce, Sheng Songcheng, Counselor of People’s Bank of China and Adjunct Professor of Economics and Finance at CEIBS, and Chen Jin, CEO of SINO-CEEF (Sino-CEE Fund) Europe. To enhance the influence of its think tank and facilitate research, exchanges, and international cooperation, ERICEE appointed 9 former Chinese ambassadors to CEE countries as experts who will provide opinions, guidance and suggestions for ERICEE’s research plans, targets and results, talent recruitment, and overall strategic planning, namely Zhu Zushou, Lan Lijun, Sun Yuxi, Huo Yuzhen, Tian Changchun, Yuan Guisen, Zhi Zhaolin, Liu Zengwen and Dong Chunfeng.

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