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Xinghua Charity Fund Donates Construction and Development Fund to BNU

CEFC China  


 Chan Chauto at the Donation Ceremony and Lecture by Xu Jialu



 President of BNU Dong Qi presenting the plague and souvenirs to Xinghua Charity Fund


On the morning of March 16, 2017, the Donation Ceremony of CEFC China’s Xinghua Charity Fund for the Institute for Advanced Study of the Humanities and Religion (IASHR)’s Construction and Development Fund Project & Lecture by Xu Jialu was held at Beijing Normal University (BNU). Present at the ceremony are Xu Jialu, Dean of IASHR at BNU, Dong Qi, President of BNU, Chan Chauto, President of CEFC China, and Wang Hailiang, Secretary-General of Xinghua Charity Fund.


Guided by China’s national strategies, CEFC China has been actively exploring an innovative development path for a private enterprise. To absorb and promote the quintessence of traditional Chinese culture, it builds a system based on the core values centering around the business philosophy of “Credibility is the core of a Chinese Soul” and “Arising with strength and achieving with goodness”. In terms of philanthropy, CEFC China focuses on voluntary teaching programs, education-support and poverty alleviation. While providing disaster relief and alleviating poverty in a targeted manner, CEFC China also manages to create more education opportunities and improve teaching resources for the underdeveloped areas. In recent years, over RMB 500 million has been invested by CEFC China in charity work and the promotion of the splendid traditional culture, making it one of the “Top Ten Philanthropic Chinese Enterprises” for five consecutive years. As part of its commitment to the rejuvenation of Chinese culture by actively advancing the cause of traditional Chinese culture, Xinghua Charity Fund, affiliated to CEFC China, has donated RMB 5 million to the Construction and Development Fund project to facilitate IASHR’s work in various fields, such as hosting high-standard academic activities, strengthening foreign exchanges and cooperation, promoting academic researches, and improving research capacity and social influence.


In his speech, Dong Qi expressed his great admiration to Ye Jianming, Chairman of the Board of CEFC China and President Chan Chauto, for their interest in China’s education and the charity cause. He also expressed his gratitude for CEFC China’s support to BNU and the concern with the development of IASHR, hoping that the two sides will strengthen cooperation in the new period by building a sound platform for the sake of their own development. .


Secretary-General of Xinghua Charity Fund, Wang Hailiang and Zhang Kai, Vice President of BNU signed and exchanged the donation agreement. Later, Dong Qi, President of BNU, presented a commemorative plaque and souvenirs to Xinghua Charity Fund.


Following the conclusion of the donation ceremony, Xu Jialu gave a lecture titled “Dramatic Changes of the Global Landscape and China’s Cultural Responsibilities”. According to him, the world is now experiencing a tremendous change with an ever-great scale in the previous 300 years. At present, “the fourth cultural awakening or revolution” in China coincides with the wave of self-denial of the Western culture. This is likely to be the second Renaissance faced by human beings, which seeks to completely overthrow the dominant role played by the Western culture since the Renaissance. Such a change is manifested by the shift of focus from confrontation to dialogues between the body and mind, man and nature and among the people. The change will spread all around the world and penetrate into every aspect of human’s life. Whoever identifies the change first will have the upper hand in leading the world.

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