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CEFC China-Owned SK Slavia Praha Football Club Tops the Czech First League Ranking

CEFC China  


Michal Frydrych in ecstasy after heading for a goal 



Players celebrating their victory


On March 5, 2017 local time, SK Slavia Praha football club owned by CEFC China beat Viktoria Plzen by 1-0, thus topping the Czech First League ranking with a total score of 44. The game was watched by over 10,000 football fans including Bohuslav Sobotka, Czech Prime Minister; Jan Hamacek, Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, the Parliament of the Czech Republic, and Ma Keqing, Chinese Ambassador to the Czech Republic.


A total of 10,000 fans marked the largest ever attendance for all the games in the Czech First League since 2014. 88 minutes into the match, SK Slavia Praha player Jan Sýkora shot the ball in a curve from the right corner to the mid-field. Taking the ball, Simon Deli the full back, though surrounded by his opponents, jumped up and shot the ball to the left ground in front of the goal despite the heavy guard there by his counterpart. Then, Simon’ teamate Michal Frydrych who’s also a full back, rushed to the left after he was fully prepared and headed the ball into the goal. As a result, the game was won by SK Slavia Praha.


SK Slavia Praha boasted its stunning record of winning 17 championships of the Czech First League (including in the time of Czechoslovakia) as a long-standing iconic and strong team. But in 2015, it ran short of money and could not sustain itself. It was at that time CEFC China lent a helping hand to SK Slavia Praha by becoming its controlling shareholder and helping settle its outstanding debts in the previous years,. And, CEFC China made further investment to recruit new players, s not only saving the club from the brink of relegation, but also building itinto a top ranking team in the league.


So far, SK Slavia Praha has been on a winning streak of 17 matches including 15 in the Czech First League and 2 in the Czech Cup. This is the best record ever for the club since nearly 8 years ago, with which it has become one of the best football teams in the league. Having delivered highly entertaining performances in each match, the club is expcted to win the championship of the Czech First League and to be qualified for the UEFA European Championship.


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