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CEFC China Awarded Title of “Model Chinese Enterprise for Corporate Culture”

CEFC China  


The Second Chinese Private Enterprises’ Corporate Culture Forum held in Shanghai



Xu Jialu, Vice Chairman of the 9th and 10th NPC Standing Committee presenting the plaque of “Model Chinese Enterprise for Corporate Culture” to CEFC China



20 entrepreneurs, including Chan Chauto, presented with the “Award for Excellent Entrepreneurs in Corporate Culture Development of Chinese Private Enterprises”

On May 25-26, 2017, the Second Chinese Private Enterprises’ Corporate Culture Forum, jointly organized by the China Corporate Culture Institute (CCCI) and the Publicity Department of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and exclusively sponsored by CEFC China, was held in Shanghai, which was attended and addressed by Xu Jialu, Vice Chairman of the 9th and 10th NPC Standing Committee and President of China Academy of Culture Limited, Hu Ping, Director of CCCI, Sun Anmin, Vice Chairman of the 9th and 10th All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Pan Min, Deputy Director of the Publicity Department of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Shanghai Municipal Spiritual Civilization Construction Office, and Chan Chauto, President of CEFC China. The opening ceremony also featured an event commending Chinese private enterprises for their excellent corporate culture development, where CEFC China was honored  “Model Chinese Enterprise for Corporate Culture”.


2017 marks an important year for implementing the Thirteenth Five-year Plan and deepening the supply-side structural reform. The CPC Central Economic Working Conference convened at the end of 2016 specified in setting the tone for China’s economic development in 2017 that it’s necessary to “maintain private entrepreneurs’ confidence” and “protect entrepreneurship to support entrepreneurs in operating innovation-oriented business”. How can Chinese private enterprises withstand risks and achieve more stable development in the context of the current complicated and changing economic new normal? It is believed to be an effectively feasible approach to enhance their “internal capacities” through improved corporate culture development.


Over 400 participants attended the forum, including representatives from the industrial and commercial community across China, government officials, scholars and experts, as well as senior executives from renowned enterprises like Huawei, Haier and Tianneng Group, who joined in heated discussions about how corporate culture can facilitate a company’s growth, and how business operation and management based on corporate culture innovation can promote better and faster development of Chinese private enterprises and further contribute to the transformation and upgrading of the Chinese economy. The participants all agreed that a profound awareness of and confidence in Chinese culture could provide a sustaining power for the entrepreneurship of private business, and excellent private enterprises are distinguished by their outstanding corporate culture, as cultural value constantly inspires innovative and creative business development.     


As Chinese President Xi Jinping has stated, noted Chan Chauto in his speech, cultural prosperity contributes to the thriving of a country and a nation. Since China launched its reform and opening up 30 years ago, despite the rapid development of its private economy, few outstanding cultural achievements have been made in its private business sector, and there is still a long way to go in this respect. Chinese private enterprises must enhance their corporate cultural development and soft power to ensure a truly strong growth, thus making a remarkable international presence.  


At the Forum, Jiang Chunyu, Party Secretary of CEFC China, gave a vivid and detailed introduction to what CEFC China had achieved in its corporate culture development by upholding its core value of “arising with strength, achieving with goodness”. As he noted, since the establishment of CEFC China, Ye Jianming, Chairman of the Board,  has been putting great emphasis on building up the corporate culture, or the “soft power”, emphasizing that “culture is the soul of enterprise development” to establish core competitiveness of the company through culture. On top of its business philosophy of “arising with strength, achieving with goodness”, CEFC China has designed and devised its corporate cultural system covering the concepts, mechanisms, behaviors and practice. Besides, it has established a three-in-one management model combining entrepreneurship, Confucianism and military management, a unique development pattern of the “well-organized economic community”, and the Code of Business Conduct of CEFC China to guide and regulate organizational and individual behaviors at all levels. By systematically building the company as a national and cultural brand, it has formed an effective and interactive system for versatile talents and mechanisms. In recent years, centering around the strategy of expanding international energy and economic cooperation, CEFC China has been fully implementing and contributing to the Belt and Road Initiative, and has gained a global influence. It is due to the guidance and support of the advanced corporate culture that the company has seen a rapid and stable development: in 2016, CEFC China ranked 229th on the Fortune 500 List.


The unique corporate cultural system CEFC China has been shaping through practice and innovation is an adequate record of its history of exploration and innovation. The “CEFC China Culture” takes China’s outstanding traditional culture as its core and adds to it modern theoretical achievements. Pursuing goodness, social welfare and trustworthiness and keeping innovating and expanding through a combination of knowledge and practice, it seeks to incorporate its social responsibilities of serving the country and society with its realistic demands for business success, which has offered a reliable theoretical basis and intellectual support for the sustainable development of all enterprises. Considering the fact that “CEFC China has successfully found a right way for corporate culture development that reflects the value of our times and a guideline for corporate development, its experience shall thus be promoted as a model”, the CCCI conferred the Model Chinese Enterprise for Corporate Culture award to CEFC China.

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