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Ye Jianming Meets Executive Chairman of Rosneft Igor Ivanovich Sechin

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On June 14, Ye Jianming, Chairman of the Board of CEFC China, met with Igor Ivanovich Sechin, Executive Chairman of Rosneft at Rosneft’s headquarters in Moscow. During the meeting, the two sides had in-depth communication on developing comprehensive and mutually beneficial strategic collaboration on oil and gas development, crude oil and oil products trade and financial services, and reached broad consensus.

Mr. Sechin warmly welcomed Ye Jianming and noted that he attached great importance to cooperation with China, hoping that the two sides could take this visit as an opportunity to explore specific areas for cooperation and discuss the feasibility of the relevant projects. Rosneft, the largest Russian oil company and the world’s largest listed company in the oil and natural gas industry, operates in 35 countries and regions including North America, Brazil, Vietnam, Venezuela and Mozambique, and owns refineries in India, Indonesia and Germany. It is also a major shareholder and strategic partner of  Russian Regional Development Bank.


Ye Jianming appreciated Mr. Sechin’s cordial hospitality and elaborate arrangements, and introduced CEFC China’s achievements of its major businesses in energy, finance and international investment banking. He noted that in response to the grand Belt and Road Initiative proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping, CEFC China has been developing an integrated business network covering the upstream exploitation, terminal refinery, sales, storage and transportation of oil and gas in the international markets; profiting from its financial services platforms such as banks and securities, it has set up a competent team of investment in international industries, including new energy, biopharmaceutical, aviation, tourism and infrastructure, and has secured strong capacities in global resources allocation. He also noted that as a private enterprise, CEFC China is flexible and highly efficient in decision-making, and is willing to play an organizing role in facilitate collaboration among Chinese and Russian enterprises as well as non-governmental cooperation. It stands ready to utilize its strengths in industrial investment and financial services to provide all-round support in project cooperation between the two sides so as to consolidate Sino-Russia partnership.

Ye Jianming elaborated on cooperation between CEFC China and Georgia on establishing a common market zone, and setting up development funds and development banks, noting that the “Mode of Cooperation with Georgia”, which was spoken highly of by a number of countries along the Belt and Road, could be a good example of complementary collaboration for China and Russia. Mr. Sechin congratulated CEFC China on its outstanding achievements.

In terms of the strategic cooperation between CEFC China and Rosneft, Ye Jianming and Mr. Sechin reached consensus that two sides should: set up platforms for cooperating in the upstream and downstream oil and gas projects; integrate resources of both sides in storage and terminals for cooperation in trade and sales of crude oil and oil products; and develop all-round financial collaboration. The two sides agreed that a joint task force should be established to conduct studies on potential projects for collaboration, in order to secure substantive results and cooperation agreements.

On June 13, Senior executives from CEFC China in energy and finance, including Zang Jianjun, Executive Director of CEFC China, Jiang Mingsheng, Vice President of CEFC China, Zhang Xin, General Manager of CEFC Beijing and Wang Shali, Vice President of CEFC Shanghai International Group, had specific talks with Rosneft’s counterparts, including first Vice President P.S. Fedorov, Vice President A.V. Prigoda, Vice President Z. Runje, Vice President V.V. Rusakova, Vice President A.A. Krastilevsky and Vice President A.A. Romanov.

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