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2017 “CEFC China Cup” Jinshan International Youth Football Tournament Launched with Chan Chauto’s Kickoff

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On July 24, the 2017 “CEFC China Cup” Jinshan International Youth Football Tournament was officially launched at Jinshan Sports Center, where young players of 12 teams from 6 countries, who are potential candidates for the 2024 Olympics, gathered to compete for the trophy. As a scheduled warm-up tournament of China Junior Team (U-16), the “CEFC China Cup” was initiated by Chinese Football Association, hosted by Shanghai Jinshan People’s Government, jointly organized by Jinshan Sports Bureau and Jinshan Education Bureau, and solely sponsored by CEFC China.


The “CEFC China Cup” comprises the U-16 and the U-12 groups. Among all 12 teams, the SK Slavia Prague U-16 team, which is owned by CEFC China, has attracted special attention. In this May, SK Slavia Prague won championship at the Czech First League, marking a full revitalization of its old-day glory, and thus putting its youth team under the spotlight. According to the schedule, in the very evening of the opening ceremony, SK Slavia Prague U-16 first battled the China 2024 Olympic Hope Team A, a heated match in this tournament, which was live broadcast by Great Sports, Jingbao Sports, CNTV and Sohu Sports.


The opening ceremony was attended by Li Yuyi, Executive Deputy Director of the General Office of the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference for Football Reform and Development under the State Council and Vice President of the Chinese Football Association (CFA), Chan Chauto, President of CEFC China, Wang Junsheng, former Deputy President and Secretary-General of CFA, Zhang Difang, Vice Governor of Jinshan District, Gu Hongwei, Director of Jinshan Education Bureau, and Wu Bin, Director of Jinshan Sports Bureau.


Vice President of CFA Li Yuyi and Chan Chauto attending the opening ceremony


In her welcome speech, Ms. Zhang Difang said, “I hope all players can unleash their passion and vitality, enjoy the game, and make friends along the way. I also believe that with solid support from all parties, this tournament will be a splendid and impressive feast of football. I would like to wish a great success of the CEFC China Cup!”


Following Ms. Zhang’s remark, Mr. Li Yuyi announced, “The 2017 ‘CEFC China Cup’ Jinshan International Youth Football Tournament is now on!”


Vice President of CFA Li Yuyi and Chan Chauto kicking of the tournament


After the ceremony, the opening game between SK Slavia Prague U-16 and the China 2024 Olympic Hope Team A started with a kickoff by Li Yuyi and Chan Chauto. At the 12th minute, SK Slavia’s No. 14 player Jonas Keneifeier made a shot but missed it by an inch. At the 16th minute, out of a chaos inside the box, SK Slavia’s No. 12 player Anderlecht Kubis made a goal by a follow-up shot. At the 31st minute, a Chinese player saw a loophole in SK Slavia’s defense and made a very promising shot, which was blocked by the goalkeeper with a reach-out.




The opening match


Moving to the second half, at the 50th minute, SK Slavia’s No. 5 player Adan Vladimirovič took a brilliant cross pass from his teammate and shot the ball at the box line, scoring another goal for his team. At the 62nd minute, Hope Team A carried out a rapid counterattack, which was unfortunately turned down again by SK Slavia’s goalkeeper, ensuring a 2:0 victory for SK Slavia. After the match, Chan Chauto met with players of SK Slavia Prague U-16. Speaking highly of their wonderful performance, Chan Chauto also required them not to become conceited and to try their best in every following match, and encouraged them to increase communication with players from the China Junior Team and help them improve their skills.



Chan Chauto and players of SK Slavia Prague U-16


The future development of China’s football relies upon the youth players, and any progress of the country’s football industry may only come from improvements in its youth football. This “CEFC China Cup” has built a communication platform for domestic and international youth teams, on which Chinese youth teams may learn from high-level peers from across the globe, thus promoting the development of Chinese youth football. In the following week, 12 teams will compete in 22 matches, and the finals will be held on July 29.

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