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Ye Jianming Discusses with Party Secretary and President of Fudan University on the Belt and Road Initiative & Global Governance Studies

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On the morning of October 31, 2017, a top management team led by Mr. Ye Jianming, Chairman of the Board of CEFC China, paid a visit to Fudan University and met with its Party Secretary Jiao Yang, President and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Xu Ningsheng. The two sides had in-depth exchanges over major topics concerning the Belt and Road Initiative and global governance as well as key issues facing Chinese enterprises in their globalization process. In addition, consensus was reached by CEFC China and Fudan University to enhance school-enterprise cooperation through resource sharing and synergies forming. It was also decided on the meeting to build an international high-end think tank dedicated to the Belt and Road and global governance, thus offering strong intellectual support to facilitate national strategies.


During the meeting, Mr. Ye Jianming presented CEFC China’s strategic presence committed to facilitating the national strategies, acquiring overseas upstream oil and gas resources and developing the fine chemical engineering and new materials. He highlighted CEFC China’s experience in seizing the major historic opportunities brought by the Belt & Road Initiative so as to promote the two-way investment and bring in high-end international brands and advanced technologies guided by “going out, bringing in”, and facilitate the connectivity between Europe and Asia and the supply-side reform via the establishment of the common market zone. Mr. Ye Jianming noted that  CEFC China is willing to give full play to its advantages accumulated in the practice of internationalization to carry out extensive industry-university-research cooperation with Fudan University, in a bid to assist Fudan University in its establishment of the Research Institute for the Belt and Road & Global Governance, serve the Belt and Road Initiative, and contribute to the promotion of in-depth economic cooperation and close cultural exchanges with countries along the Belt and Road.


CEFC China’s strategic global presence and corporate cultural positioning were highly recognized and appreciated by Secretary Jiao Yang and President Xu Ningsheng who also thanked CEFC China for its great support for Fudan University’s research development and international exchanges. Jiao Yang expressed the great significance of enhancing the research on key developments and partnerships involved in the Belt and Road Initiative in the context of global governance and human civilization development landscape to the country and enterprises.    Considering CEFC China’s excellent results achieved and valuable experience gained from the international development and economic cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative, and a galaxy of academic elites across disciplines including international politics, law and finance boasted by Fudan University, the to-be-established high-end think tank for the Research Institute for the Belt and Road & Global Governance to be jointly established by the two strong entities can provide solid intellectual support in connection with national scientific decision-making and improvement of Chinese enterprises’ international competitiveness.


Xu Ningsheng talked with Ye Jianming over the issues and challenges faced by Chinese enterprises in the globalization and localization process. Participants in the meeting also included Deputy Secretary Xu Zheng, Associate Vice President Chen Zhimin, Distinguished Professor Huang Renwei, Chen Yugang, Director of the Administration Office of Humanities and Social Science Programs, and Yang Zengguo, Director of the External Liaison and Development Office from Fudan University; and President Chan Chauto, Vice President Wang Shixiong, Yu Zhiliang, General Manager of HR Department, and Li Shuai, Deputy General Manager of the General Office from CEFC China.


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