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Chan Chauto Attends the 125th Anniversary Celebration of SK Slavia Praha

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On the evening of December 10th, 2017 local time, Chan Chauto, President of CEFC China, attended the 125th Anniversary Celebration of SK Slavia Praha at the Municipal House in Prague. He offered congratulations on the opening of such a great event on behalf of Ye Jianming, Chairman of the Board of CEFC China and all the members of the company. To express thanks to CEFC China for saving the football team from bankruptcy, the trophy of “Special Contribution Award” has been presented to Chan Chauto by the Club. .


Milan Škoda, a renowned Czech footballer – striker, presenting the trophy to Chan Chauto

Chan Chauto attending the celebration with Ma Keqing, Chinese ambassador to the Czech Republic and Jan Hamáček, first Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic among other senior officials from the Czech government


Drawing attention from all walks of life in the Czech Republic, the celebration was attended by Ma Keqing, Chinese ambassador to the Czech Republic, with her delegation from the embassy; and loyal fans including key members from various parties such as Jan Hamáček, first Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic; KláraDostálová, Minister of Regional Development of the Czech Republic; Martin Tlapa, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. Present at the event are also celebrities from the entertainment industry and political and business sectors represented by the 78-year-old Karel Gott, the most popular singer in the Czech Republic. The event in the evening, broadcast live on the state-owned Czech Television, was hosted by Rios Marius who is not only the favorite host of Czechs but a fan of the club.


Chan Chauto answering questions from the host at the celebration


During the celebration, a total of 11 best footballers have been selected in SK Slavia Praha’s 125-year history. Among them, the legendary Pavel Kuka, receiving the most votes, was named the greatest footballer of all time in the history of the club and was presented the award by Chan Chauto.


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Chan Chauto presenting the award to Pavel Kuka who has been rated as the greatest footballer ever in SK Slavia Praha


Out of 10.56 million people in the Czech Republic, there are over 1.2 million fans of SK Slavia Praha, that is, nearly one in every family, making the 125th anniversary of the club into a national celebration. Chan Chauto noted in the live broadcast at the event that “SK Slavia Praha, among all the projects CEFC China has invested in the Czech Republic, brings the greatest joy to usall. Two years on, the club has not only taken a new lease of life but also owned its own football stadium now. Both its men and women’s team have climbed to the top in the Czech First League. In the meanwhile, a particular focus has been put on the cultivation of youth footballers. Since they are the future of the football team, the club could only go further when they become more competent. The team has now been the favorite for both the football fans in the Czech Republic and nearly 50,000 employees at CEFC China. Every victory the football team strives for has become our common aspiration.” Also, Chan Chauto thanked every football player, staff member and fan for their contribution to the success of SK Slavia Praha.


Chan Chauto addressing the celebration

As a time-honored football club in the Czech Republic, SK Slavia Praha was founded in 1892. After securing CEFC China’s investment on the brink of bankruptcy in September 2015, the club managed to break free from the trouble and has regained its previous glory by winning the 2016-2017 Czech First League in just two years. Through the investment, CEFC China has saved an established football team and significantly promoted exchanges in football between the two countries. The bilateral cooperation includes projects in football training, summer camps and all kinds of matches. On November 21st, 2017, the Chinese Football Association established its first youth football training center in Europe at SK Slavia Praha.


At the celebration

Nearing the end of the celebration, Chan Chauto, after learning that the Fans Association had donated 100,000 korunas to children with cancer in the Motol University Hospital in Prague, decided to donate extra 200,000 korunas in the name of SK Slavia Praha, pushing the event to a new high.

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