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Arise with Strength and Achieve with Goodness

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All things in the universe rise with power and end in goodness and eternity. The power is a combination of strengths. The law of the universe is first and foremost the law of attraction. Attraction is vital to a collective. All the power concentrated into one point makes for a great cause, but what to do with it? This calls for a good end. An end here also marks a new beginning.


This goodness encompasses great deeds and small deeds. The great goodness is reflected by serving our nation and people. As an enterprise of our people, our vision is to expand our national interests. This is a vision shared by all of us, a goal worth of a life-time pursuit. The small deeds refer to a personal accomplishment benefited from doing a great cause. The platform is provided to everyone. The more you contribute, the more you harvest. We speak of two accomplishments: one of yourselves, the other of CEFC, which in turn benefits our country.

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